If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, your room is not booked!!  Please call us!

Other times available upon request, please call us to make special arrangements if you don't see a day or time during our regular business hours.

Rooms are not private bookings, unless you purchase all 8 spots.

People with Pacemakers and other medical devices, please read our warming on our FAQ page.

Castaway-Premium Room

Admission: Currently Closed

4-8 players

 Recommended Age: This room is highly challenging.  Recommended for 14 and over or at parent's discretion.

    Your plane crashes off the Pacific, and you and your group must survive till you can call for help.  While you try to find help, you realize that there is a young cannibalistic tribe living on the island.  You have 60 minutes to signal for help before the camp finds you.

  HOME ALONE-Standard Room

Admission: Currently Closed

2-8 players

 Recommended Age: 10 and over or at parent's discretion

  Your parents left on vacation, but they forgot one thing...YOU!  You are home alone    and the neighborhood thieves are staking out your house.   You don't want to get      your parents in trouble so you don't call the police.  You over hear the thieves of  their  grand plan to bust into the house in 1 hour.  You have 60 minutes to find an  alternate  escape door and get out before they get in.

 Wild Wild West-Premium Room

Admission: From $35

2-8 players

 Recommended Age: This room is highly challenging.  Not recommended for kids under 16

  Your criminal ways have finally caught up with you.  You've been arrested and are  awaiting trial when you overhear the sheriff talking about a recent wagon heist.  The  Soapy Smith Gang robbed a shipment coming back from the gold rush, and they've  hidden their loot in the local saloon.  Use your criminal wits to bust out of jail and grab  the loot before the gang rides back into town in 60 min to claim it back.

  CUCKOO'S NEST-Standard Room

Admission: From $35

2-8 players

 Recommended Age: 12 and over or at parent's discretion.

   You are visiting a friend in an Insane Asylum, when the alarms go off.  They have a         missing patient.  Your group is rushed off into the doctor's office by a nurse.    As she     locks the door behind you, you are forewarned.  You have 60 minutes to find the           emergency exit before all of the doors unlock, including the maximum security ward.

The Cube-Premium Room

Newest Room!  

Admission: Currently Closed

4-6 players, Must have min 4 players to play.

Min Age: 18 yrs old.  Must have ID to play.  Please read seperate Terms and Conditions here before you book.

Without remembering how you got there, your group awaken in a prison of booby trapped cubed cells.  One cell connected to another, seems like there is a method to the madness.  Your group's combined skills weave you through the formula of cells.  Use your skills to find the right cube with the exit before the exit disappears all together in 60 min.