Our themes are multiroom experiences called

"Escape missions".  

Our rooms are not one room experiences

with the sole purpose of escaping them.  

We immerse you into the story for

your group to complete a mission.

Are you looking for a unique experience to liven up your everyday life?

Try to escape our challenging and fun rooms by solving hands-on riddles and brain bending puzzles.

You only have 60 minutes.

Live-action escape games — Just like the online apps and computer games!

 PadLOCKED INc. is the  real-life room escape game center. 

Do you and your group have the skill of teamwork to crack codes, solve mysteries

and piece together the clues to get back into the real world?

 Bring your friends, family, co-workers and put yourselves in the ultimate test of life skills. 

Are you smart enough to figure out what it all means?